The ancient Side was founded on a plain peninsula which extends in to the Mediterranean. Today�s Selimiye and here the ancient city are within one another. The cafes, restaurants, shops, bars and the village houses some of which have been converted to accommodation places like pensions all stand together with ruins. You need to walk around the streets of the town for a fairly long time to be able to find some important buildings of the ancient city. As if they want to hide these monuments from the eyes likewise many of the monuments belonging to the old time periods have been flooded by continuously heaping sands and the plants peculiar to the Mediterranean. Within a short time period, the places which are cleaned by the men are again filled with these merciless and obstinate natural invaders. However sands filling the ancient seaport along with a great portion of the shores of the peninsula hava at the same time let this place become a nice beach with an unequalled beauty.