Alanya is situated to the east of Antalya. In Alanya the magnificent Hill which has a height of 300 m. is very impressive and located on a peninsula which looks like the southward extension of the mountains which have come very close to the sea. On the west and on the east of the section where this steep peninsula connects to the shore is a bay with very fine sands lies a long and wide beach giving the impression that is continuing endlessly. Today�s Alanya is located on the plain lying between the Toros mountain on the backside on the northern feet of this citadel hill and the peninsula on the front side. The city has 2 different beaches each with a wonderful nature and one of them lies as still as a lake on the east, and the other faces the open sea on the west. There is marina and modern sea port inside the bay, which also hosts the ancient sea port, Kizilkule erected by the Seljuks in Middle Age and the shipyard. This marina is capable of meeting all the requirements of small boats and yachts. From here to the shores of Mediterranean and Aegean Sea daily or long term tours are organized Go to to book your airport transfers