The sandy Lara Beach lies roughly 12 km to the east. Lara beach has a blue flag. The beach begins east of Antalya's cliffs, just past the Lower Duden Waterfall and east of the waterfall a point of land extends into the Gulf of Antalya. Restaurants, hotels and other services host visitors who swim mostly from platforms and docks. The real sandy beach starts on the east side of the point and extends for several kilometers. Most parts of the beach are backed by commercial services offering sun umbrellas, beach chairs, snacks and drinks, showers and perhaps even some entertainment. You can easily reach Lara Beach from the center of Antalya by minibus. The minibuses run all the way along the Lara beach to the end of the public access area. Even on cheap holidays to Lara Beach you can expect the best of Turkey's new Mediterranean Riviera, with a great beach lapped by crystal blue waters and a whole range of exhilarating water sports and superb hotels like the upmarket Lara Beach Hotel. All inclusive holidays to Lara Beach means you'll be able to make the most of the nightlife that centres around the main hotels and the local small restaurants and bars, cafes nearby. But if you like to have a party, spend a night in Antalya, just along the coast. Holidays in Lara Beach certainly give the opportunity to make the most of the sun and sand formula and also classic sea, with a touch of luxury, modern, sightseeing and sizzling nightlife thrown in. Lara has become popular for its crystal clear water just 10 years ago and developed very fast with tourism. In this area many hotels were built in 10 years. Today, Lara region is one of the most popular touristic areas in Turkey with fascinating sandy beach and crystal clear water.