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Here is covered with colourful flowers all year  round. Gundogan means in english `the Sunrise`.  Famous for its rock formations and ancient rock  cemeteries, it is very small town on the Bodrum  Peninsula. Some imaginative local people believe  that these rock formations are, in fact, the  remains of an ancient zoo built of stone.  Gundogan is located very near to the ancient  Lelegian city of Madnasa. These historians of  antiquity say that the Lelegians were very  skilled in stone works. If you look at these  rock formations carefully, with a little  imagination thrown in then you may see the wild  animals of the ancient zoo carved in stone.

It is an important town for sponge diving,  fishing, olive and tangerine growing. The old  and also new settlers have protected the  character of the place. They have not touched  the houses surrounded with trees of mandarins,  olive, pomegranates, bananas and oak. The scent  of orange trees welcoming visitors along all  seaside still remains. Gundogan has roughly 4000  inhabitants. Boat trips leave from here to  secluded Bays along the seashore. You can catch  a ferry to Didim on the other side of the Bay  and watch seals and dolphins swim alongside the  boat.

Restaurants and cafes among tangerine, olive and  pine trees situated and built on jetties circle  the Bay offering traditional Turkish cuisine.  Gundogan is also less expensive than other parts  of the peninsula. Relax and take it easy with  the local delicacies or a chilled glass of wine.  There are large colourful cushions provided to  sit on, on the many jetties circulating the Bay  where you can chill out, people watch, sip a  refreshing drink children playing in the crystal  blue waters and watch the waves breaking on the  rocks.

This is a lovely place for snorkeling where you  enter the sea from the jetties. Take a sit at  the beach bar and watch the sun go down and  witness the spectacular sunsets. There is a  small harbour with yachts, gullets, fishing  boatsand a sailing school offering dingy sailing,  windsurfing , waterskiing and jetskis.

Across the Bay is `Rabbit Island` which has an  old Greek church and standing remains of a  Byzantine monastic settlement and it dates to  the 9th Century A.D. If you wish to be active  during your stay here, you will have plenty to  do such as archeological trips in the area,  under water photography, horse riding,  windsurfing, diving lessons, walking and  trekking. History, a natural sun spoilt Bay,  dramatic landscape and friendly people await you!  As they say `Nothing less than history, seaside,  nature, sun and friendly people can be found`.

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