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Torba, very modern village in the administrative  area of the Bodrum Municipality, is a notable  but small tourist resort. It has pebbly and  sandy beaches, several modern hotels and  hillsides richly scented with herbs growing in  the wild.
There are many reminders of the past well worth  seeing.

A superbly preserved round structure was built  by the Lelegians more than 2500 years ago, it is  probably a tomb and crowns a high hill  overlooking the village while the ruins of a  byzantine monastery stand on the east side of  the bay.
Due to its proximity to Bodrum, Torba is a  popular lunch and swimming spot.

It is also the terminus for ferry services  between the Didyma and Bodrum peninsula where  day excursions can be made to the famed The  Temple of Apollo. The ferry is also a  convenient means to visit the impressive sites  of ancient Priene and Miletos.  Frequent minibuses make these trips and day  visits convenient and inviting.

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