Welcome to your holiday in Marmaris. Unlike others, we will jump right into what you can do or expect to make your holiday more enjoyable in Marmaris. We assume that you are already in this lovely place and would like to know how you can enjoy your time. We ofcourse have the information you may need about Marmaris aswell, you only need to scroll down to find all the classic information section.

Arriving to Marmaris: You had a nice and pleasant flight into Dalaman or Bodrum Airport and need to get to your accommodation as fast and safe as possible. Why not considering booking one of our Private Taxi Transfers, prices start from £37 per way for upto 4 travellers per way. This way you can reach your accommodation in about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Dalaman Airport.

Need to explore the town ? Depending on the location of your hotel, you can either walk or take the local bus called " DOLMUS " pronounciation " DOULMUSH ", a mini van that runs on schedule but you will see them running nearly every 10 minutes during the day time. They look like:


Marmaris Dolmus

The price per person is about 4 Lira. This may change time to time but they will have the tarrife displayed inside, which is about 35 p, per person per way. They do accept Pounds coins but nothing smaller than 1 pound coin. They will not take " p" s.

Money Exchance : If you brought your own currency, we do recommend you to change some into Turkish lira for your spendings at restaurants, bars and local shops. Spare some for the goods sold in GBP or in EUROS. We recommend you to change your money in banks which are mainly located near the " dancing pool square " which you will understand once you see it. It is located in the right centre of marmaris. Bank is BANKA in Turkish so you will not miss one when you see. Their name will either finish with BANK or BANKA. The most of the staff in banks will speak enough English to serve you. Or if you would like your Hangout on Holiday rep could be able to help delievering your Turkish lira to your hotel at a little cost. Please chat to your Hangout on Holiday live below. ( Subject to availability )

Eating Out: We are not going to tell you how delicious is Turkish Kebab and other food they serve. That is now a known fact. Marmaris is full of good restaurants and snack buffets all around. The ones located in inner streets may be a little cheaper than the ones located on the main streets or the beach front. But It is ofcourse depending on your budget. A beach front or Marina located restaurant dinner is something you will always remember about. If you would like your Hangout on Holiday rep to arrange a pick up service by a good quality restaurant from your hotel, please chat to your Hangout on Holiday rep below.

Where to Go in Marmaris: You can visit the Grand Bazaar to do your fake designer shopping, dont worry they look real. Some of the respected shops do sell real ones but you will find out which sells real when you see the price tags. A short visit to Marmaris castle is always good. You will love the scenerie and be able to take lots of photos. Beach Front is a nice place for an afternoon drink or for some snacks aswell as a good stroll. Marmaris Market takes place on Thursdays and Sundays, If you type Marmaris Thursday market on Google Maps, it will get you there. Visit to neighbouring town of Icmeler. You can catch the Dolmus to Icmeler for a change and wander around. Is this all ? Ofcourse not, we have collected some great value day trips for you which you can find under the EXPERIENCES menu and book them online, or you can chat to your Hangout on Holiday rep below to plan your days out.

Night Life: This is good this is. Marmaris has two main place for night life. A ) Bar Street: Bar street is located near the Marina and as you can guess it is full of Clubs, Bars and snack buffets. The clubs are usually open between 22:00 and 04:00 a.m, So enough time for you to enjoy. Other place is the Beach Front, the places on Beach front are a little smaller than the ones in Bar street but they still offer good entertainment. We have also got, Talk of The Town Cabaret show , Turkish Night Excursion and Moonlight Cruise for you to choose from. Please see the EXPERIENCES section or chat to your Hangout on Holiday rep below to book.

Marmaris is a popular holiday destination town of Mugla city in the Aegean region of Turkey. Marmaris is named as " The pearl of Aegean cost of Turkey " therefore the statue of a big pearl welcomes you once you arrive into the town. It is visited by 1000's of people every year. Marmaris offers great scenerie combined with green and blue. The main street reaches you from one side to another without getting lost. As it is a straight street with all your needed shops and restaurants. Lets check some usefull information about this lovely place. These will be good to know especially if you are a first timer in this resort. But we are sure that it will not be the last time you are visiting this place.

Local Currency: Turkish Lira ( ₺ ) , Language: Turkish but not to worry as the most of the people will speak some English

Weather: The avarege is 20 C° , The hottest Month of the year: July around 39 C°

There is one main airport and other optional for you to choose to arrive Marmaris. The main airport is called DALAMAN INTERNATIONAL ( DLM ) and the optional one is called BODRUM MILAS INTERNATIONAL ( BJV ).

Distance from Dalaman Airport: 95 KM which takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by one of our Private Taxi Transfers at low prices. We offer Private Dalaman Airport Taxi transfer to Marmaris at the price of £37 per way upto 4 travellers.

Distance from Bodrum Airport: 133 KM which takes about 2 hours by private taxi transfer. The price of Private Taxi Transfer from Bodrum Airport is £75 for upto 4 people.

( Prices given above are valid at the time of writing and subject to change, Please check Experiences section to see the latest available prices and book direct )