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Gumusluk is a small village at the tip of  the Bodrum Peninsula about 30 minutes drive  from city center. This peaceful traffic free  village seems a world away from the hustle  and bustle of modern life, away from the  well-trodden tourist track in the west of  the peninsula. The whitewashed houses are  covered with colorful flowers.

Head for the two narrow sandy beaches and  take your swimming gear, each curling around  its own bay and separated by a beautiful  rounded islet.

Once you've had enough of sunbathing and  swimming in the calm, clear waters, sip a  local beer or chilled wine at a friendly  fish restaurant or cafe along the waterfront,  for which the village is famous and where  you can sometimes choose your own fish  straight from the fisherman's crate or wade  through the shallows to the offshore Rabbit  Island.

Weekly market day is Wednesday in  Gumusluk.

Everyone has to visit Gumusluk to sample the  wonderful seafood restaurants

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