F.A.Q.S About Airport Transfers & Excursions

F.A.Q.S About Airport Transfers & Excursions

We Have Collected some frequently Asked questions below and answered them.

What is your smoking policy in your vehicles?

www.HolidayHoppa.com operate a complete non smoking policy in all vehicles used

Will my shuttle transfer take me straight to my hotel entrance?

Whilst we endeavour to operate a door-to-door service with our transfers, on some occasions this may not be possible where a shuttle transfer has been booked. Where it is not physically possible for us to access certain hotels & apartments, due to their location i.e. Old Town, Beachfront & local festivities, we will always ensure you are taken to the nearest drop off point. We will not be responsible for payment of local taxis. Shuttle Transfers DO operate to private homes or timeshare apartments as long as you can provide a near by hotel or a specific point that could be found. PRIVATE TRANSFER GOES TO PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION or HOLIDAY HOMES. NO WAITINGS AT THE AIRPORT STRAIGHT TO THE POINT WITH PRIVATE TRANSFERS. WE RUN DOOR to DOOR SERVICE IN ALL TYPES OF TRANSFERS WE OFFER. ( for the Hotels & Aparts )

Last minute bookings?

This is one of the biggest difference between us and the others. www.HolidayHoppa.com allows you to book your airport transfers ONLINE 24 hours priour to your flight but we do accept phone bookings up to 10 hours prior to your flight ( If available ).

Do I need to tip the driver?

The price paid does not include a tip. As is standard across the globe these days if you feel your resort taxi driver has been friendly and courteous, then a small tip is the norm.

Child Seats / Baby Seats

We do provide child seats / baby seats for FREE on the PRIVATE TRANSFERS in some resorts, and in some resorts there is a charge for them, but they will be shown to you at the time of the booking on the Holisay Essentials page and you will be able to add it to your booking. There is a small charge of 7gbp per way on shuttle bus transfers as we need to spare a seat for the child seat / baby seat.

How much luggage can I have in the shuttle?

Most taxis are able to accommodate a suitcase and piece of hand luggage per person. (Up to 3 passengers per taxi, children and babies count - except in certain destinations where the maximum is 3 passengers - select your required resort for full details of taxi & minibus capacity). If you are travelling with excess luggage for example pushchairs, wheelchairs, golf clubs or any other out of the ordinary items, it is imperative we are made aware as extra charges maybe applicable. Failure to do so will result in additional charges incurred by the passengers locally.

What if I'm travelling with a Wheelchair?

Please email us at info@holidayhoppa.com or call us on 0208 144 2 114 and we will try our best to provide the most suitable Services for you.

Im travelling to a private property and not to a hotel or apartment, what can I do?

We can cater for any place within the specified resort/city, just please let us know the full address of the place you need to be dropped off. If you dont know the full address, Door to Door service is available on PRIVATE TRANSFERS for private addresses.IF Shared Shuttle ( Hoppa Bus ) is being booked, then we need you to provide us the name of the nearest hotel or a certain point which is well known ( ie: a big shopping centre etc ) so we can drop you off at that point and pick you up from the same point if return is booked.

What type of payments do you accept ?

We do Accept 2 Types of Payments. 1- Credit Card Payments which are taken via WORLD'S SAFEST PAYMENT COMPANY PAYPAL IN YOUR OWN CURRENCY 2- Pay Cash On Arrival which you pay for your booked service when you arriva at the airport. That could be done in local currency or your OWN currency. If local currency is preffered it will be the equavellent of the original amount in the local currency. Local Exchange Rates apply.

What is PROMO TAXI listed on some of the resorts ?

Promo taxi is as same as the standard private taxi transfer but put on promotion so it is a discounted offer, If you book it when you see it available on our website, you SAVE

What if my flight is delayed?

Our local representative or driver monitors all incoming flights and will wait for you if your flight is delayed.NO DELAY CHARGES

I made a mistake / miss some information when i was booking, What should i do ?

No Panic ! We check all the reservations before we confirm and if necessary we do send e-mails and ask for the necessary information. If you made a mistake while booking ie, missed your arrival flight number etc, you will receive a prompt e-mail asking for the details. Or you can contact us using the Customer Service Form button which is located at the right top of our website. Or you can call us on 0208 144 2 114 or you can easily add us on your Skype, our addy is : holidayhoppa or you can click on QUESTION Buuble button which is located at the right bottom of our website and chat LIVE to one of our reps.

How do i meet you at the airport ?

When you arrive your destination airport, There will be one of our Airport Reps holding a HolidayHoppa.com BOARD , so you only need to identify yourselves to our rep with your transfer voucher. In Some resorts we use name boards but you would be informed otherwise on your confirmation voucher, Unless another way is pointed on your confirmation voucher that is emailed to you, We may have the travel agent desk of the local agent we work with at the airport your transfer is provided to/from, and the number of the desk may be put as a note on your confirmation voucher.

I received my STATUS:CONFIRMED voucher or an email from a hotmail email account, WHY ?

We do email your STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher from our hotmail email account bookinghelp@windowslive.com because, The emails we send from our company email addres ie:info@holidayhoppa.com they are filtered by free email providers and put into your SPAM/JUNK email folders, to be able to avoid this we do send vouchers and necessary emails from our hotmail, msn or live email accounts as they would NOT be filtered and put into the SPAM/JUNK email folders. Your STATUS:CONFIRMED transfer voucher is AUTOMATICLY sent by E-Tech HolidayHoppa.com web Software from HolidayHoppa.com email addresses but we email you from hotmail,live or msn accounts if we need to further contact you.

Where is my confirmation voucher ?

HolidayHoppa.com Works on REAL TIME confirmations which means, once you book, your reservation is actually passed to the resort Office in your destination and so the reservations are ACTUALLY confirmed by the people who will serve your Airport transfers. This makes HolidayHoppa.com different than the other companies as they work on computer confirmed system which causes miss bookings or faults etc. Your Confirmation voucher is emailed to you within the next 15 minutes of your booking, But our system generates your Refrence number at the time of your booking which helps you to track your bookings on our website.

Do you have Credit / Debit Card or Amendment / Cancellation Charges ?

We HolidayHoppa.com have NO Credit / Debit Card charges at all, so the prices you see are the prices you pay. For the amendments and cancellations, we DO NOT Charge upto 48 hours of the first service date.