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Yalikavak is situated on the Northwestern face  of the peninsula and 18 km to Bodrum.
Yalikavak is certainly the only town in Bodrum  that grows in an overwhelming speed and the most  famous one in Bodrum.
Legend says that its name is a depiction to many  poplar trees it once had. Nowadays it is rather  difficult to spot poplar trees in the area,  contrary to its namesake. Indeed, its hills are  covered by mostly oak forests.
Yalikavak is proud to boost a 29 km shoreline  dotted with many teagardens, restaurants, cafes  and is the windiest area in the region.
The howls of endless winds almost never cease in  Yalikavak. The locals were fisherman and sponge  divers until recent past. It should be  everyone�s duty to advise people to visit  Tilkicik, Agacbasli, Pasha, Dutlu, Alaca bays�

Another symbol of Yalikavak, which must be  mentioned along with the windmills, is the  Mediterranean Seals, which live in the town�s  bays.

The villages surrounding the vista, sprinkled  around the hills are just as characteristic of  the Aegean settlements as Yalikavak itself and  just as inviting. Geris, likened to Tibetan  villages by many, Gocabel, Sandima, and Dagbelen  villages� It is impossible not to feel as if in  a time warp when visiting the village of Geris (  Pasanda );, which has a history dating back to  4500 years.

The deserted Village of Sandima, built on the  southern outskirts of the 35 m. high, conical  shaped Hill of Partipanaz, which is visible from  any point, has a rich history indeed and was  used as a sun watch by Yalikavak people. The  population of the village is only three. One  feels as if walking through a mystical movie set  that is carefully set up.

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