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The Carians settled in south western part  of Anatolia, between the Menderes River  and K�ycegiz Lake and named this area as  Caria. The Dat�a Peninsula was also  located within these borders, and today  it's in the Aegean region of Turkey.
Around 1000 BC Dorians invaded the  southern part of Caria and established  the Dorian Hexapolis with the cities  Cnidus (Dat�a);, Halicarnassos (Bodrum);,  Cos, Kamiros, Lindos and Ialissos (the  last three were in Rhodes);. Cnidus was  also the centre of this City Union. It  had quite an effective political and  economic structure considering the  period.

The  mosque in Hizirsah village was inherited  from the Seljuks period. It has been  restored and is well worth seeing. Eski  Dat�a (Old Dat�a, 4 km); with beautiful  old stone houses, holiday and permanent  residences of many Europeans and Turks,  is showing typical architecture of the  area. Regular bus services are available.  Cnidus was famous for its naked statue  of Aphrodite. Kizlan and its windmills,  which have become a symbol for Dat�a, is  worth visiting. There are the remains of  some ceramic manufactures between Old  Dat�a and Hizirsah village thought to  have been worked during the 4th century  BC.
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