Private Taxi Transfers

Private Taxi Transfers

Taxi Transfers from Dalaman Airport,Bodrum Airport,Antalya Airport and Izmir Airport are always on offer, Book yours with great prices today.

Your Holiday starts at the airport, so instead of waiting for long taxi ques or waiting for the shared transfer bus get full, why not booking yourself a private taxi transfers. Especially with our reasonable prices.

Private Taxi Transfers are the most popular transfer services that 100's of travellers books with us everyday. Our prices are efficient and economic and you do not want to spend the first hours of your holiday waiting at the airport or you may have an important meeting that you need to catch, not even talking about the flights to be caught yet. 

How it works

You can book your Private Taxi Transfers in easy steps and get your travel document ( transfer voucher ) emailed to you with all the details you need. As our system works on REAL TIME base, your booking is immediately sent to the office in your resort so they are aware that you are arriving / departing. All the arrangements are made by the local office in the resort for you. On your arrival, you only need to follow the instructions of how to meet us shown on your Status:Confirmed voucher then you get on the go, while others wait.

Luggages on Private Taxi Transfers

We generally use Standard Size cars for our Private Taxi Transfers, which are able to accommodate about 3 suitcases and hand luggages. In some resorts we use Station Wagen cars which are able to accommodate 4 suitcases and hand luggages. Basicly if your car is a standard size sedan car and you can fit your luggages into the boot of the car, Bingo !, there wont be issues fitting your luggages into your Private Taxi transfer vehicle. Please note that, Your Private Taxi transfer may be provided on a 6 seater minibus ( or similar ) because of the operational needs which means more space for you, and NO you will not wait for any other travellers and it will only be for you.

Sport Equipment on Private Taxi Transfers

As it is a standard size car, it will only be able to accomodate standard size equipment. Well, we dont mean the standards of the equipment here, we mean the space that your sport equipment covers. We do our best to offer sport equipment carriedge for free on private transfers but there is a charge for them in some resorts and this will be shown to you on our Extras page on your booking process. It is always best to contact us before you book your Private Taxi transfer to check if that sport equipment is okay to take on your Private Taxi transfer.

Restrictions on Private Taxi Transfers

Private Taxi transfers can be booked for ANY flights at ANY time, and yes we operate 24/7 and 365 days. Pets are not allowed in the most resorts on Private Taxi transfers but if you contact us before you book your transfer, we can arrange the service you need to be able to travel with your beloved pet.

Child / Baby / Booster seats on Private Taxi Transfers

You can bring your own child / baby / booster seat to be used on your Private Taxi transfer ofcourse. But if you do not want that hassle to carry it with you and ofcourse it will use your luggage limit on the flight aswell, We can provide you child / baby / booster seat at a little extra. In some resorts, these seats are provided for free. The option will be given to you at the Extras page during your booking process.