Summer 2018 Transfers

Summer 2018 Transfers

                                                      Airport Transfer Prices 2018

Summer 2018 is just around the corner, and is coming soon, Have you started to make your travel plans and arrange your bookings yet ?

If your answer is YES, We would like to give you a secret, You can book your airport transfers in Turkey, in Greece , Malta on at the prices of 2017 for your 2018 summer holiday.

By booking early you take the advantages of SAVING, In the most resorts and airports, we accept PAYMENT CASH ON ARRIVAL, SO you do NOT need to deal with deposits or you do NOT have to make the full payment now, You can book your airport transfers on Pay on Arrival basis, and if you decide to make the payment by your card before you arrive, you may give us a bell or chat to us live on ONLINE HELP section clicking on the QUESTION BUBBLE button on the right bottom of our website.

Keep this as a secret though, Do not share this information with your friends.

Book Now, and SAVE,

See you in your destination in 2018