Turkey Airport Transfer Prices 2024

Turkey Airport Transfer Prices 2024

Your 2024 Summer holiday is just in the corner. You are probably counting your days down untill your flight date from your home airport to your Turkey destination airport. You might have booked a package holiday or you did DIY online. We are sure you have seen alot of different Turkey Airport Transfer Prices for 2024. 

Turkey Airport Transfer Prices why so big differences ?

We are sure you have stubled up on with the news either on TV or online, people complaining about the goods they bought from online market places but never received or they have received a fake product. It is basically just because the online market places can only have controll over the sellers up to a limit. The sellers on those online platforms may hold the necessary trading licences which the online market places are focused but how about the reliability of those sellers ? There are of course reliable sellers which do their job how it should be done and fill their paper-work ontime. Do we know how many people ( buyers ) get effected because of the ones which does not do the right job ? When it comes to goods in metarial, the online market places may help with your disputes but when it comes to services, there is a big gap. As we are an airport transfers company, we will carry on with our own sector.

Airport Transfer Reviews

If Turkey Airport Transfer Price is too good to be true, Probably it is not true.

Frequent Turkey visitors are more aware of the dilemma of either booking the " cheapest airport transfer option " shown on online market place for airport transfers or going with a reliable company. It is not just a coincidence that they prefer booking with the companies that they have travelled with for many times, eventhough they showcase higher prices. The review websites and Google is full of information regarding to this issue. " Booked an MPV, no one showed up " , " Booked Private Transfer, made to wait for over 1 hour ", " They never showed up to pick us up for the journey back to the airport. " are just some of them. As a person who works for your holiday for a whole year, you know this yourself, everything has to be priced right. For example, would you think of buying a brand new iphone 15 for £100 when the actual price is about £799 ( correct at the time of writing on 25/02/2024 ) ? It is fairly same with Turkey Airport Transfer Prices. A journey for over 30 minutes from the airport does not just mean the cost of petrol, well it is quiet high in Turkey though, 1 liter of diesel is 43.52 TL per liter today ( 25/02/2024 ). Do not covert this price into Euros or British Pounds to feel better, remember Turks do not earn Euros or British Pounds. The monthly minimum wage in Turkey is 17.002 TL / Month, so a Turkish person who gets minimum wage ( which is commonly wide in Turkey ) can only get 390,67 liters of diesel in a month. With a basic calculation, a person living in the Uk with the minimum wage of £11.44 per hour, assuming working 8 hours a day and 5 days in a week can get about 1059 Liters of diesel in a month ( with the price of £1,90 per liter of diesel ). Anyway, let's go back to the main subject after all these numeric figures. When it comes to calculating the right costs for an airport transfer for just above 30 minutes, there is petrol, insurance, Tursab ( Association of Turkish Travel Agencies ) subscription fee, driver wage, airport greeter wage, vehicle runnig costs, airport parking fee, driver's and operation staff over time working costs, communication costs and profit for the company. 

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