Kefanolia Airport Transfers

Looking to book your Kefalonia Airport Transfer whether Kefalonia Airport Taxi Transfer or Kefalonia Airport Shuttle Bus Transfers, has both Kefalonia Airport Transfer solutions for you.

Kefalonia Transfer Transfer Types

Private Transfers from Kefalonia Airport : Private Transfers from / to Kefalonia Airport are run for only the party who is booked on them and they are NOT shared transfers. Private Transfers offer door to door service in Kefalonia for both private accommodation and hotels in Kefalonia Island. Private Transfers can differ according to your booking considering the number of travellers, you may book Kefalonia Airport Private Taxi transfer if the numbers of travellers in your group doesnt exceed 4 people and also number of luggages doesnt exceed 4 standard size luggages. If you are travelling with family and have more than 4 people in your group then the Kefalonia Airport Private Minibus Transfer is the choice as it can offer more space both for you and for your luggages.

Shuttle Bus Transfers from Kefalonia Airport : This transfer option is the shared transfer option which can offer more economic journeys. There are some important points with Kefalonia Airport Shuttle Transfers, the first one is ofcourse the waiting time on your arrival at Kefalonia Airport. Your waiting time is limited with 1 hour AFTER your approach to the airport controller / driver on your arrival for other travellers who are also booked on the same Kefalonia Airport Shuttle Bus transfer. Once everyone who are booked on the same bus comes out of their flights, the journey starts. Depending on your hotel on the drop off list, you may be the first drop off or the last as the bus will run on a route according to the locations of the hotels. One of the other very important point is that you or someone in your group should go out of the airport and inform the airport controller from the local agent or the driver incase you face a lost luggage or another issue will delay your approach to the bus therefore the bus may wait longer for you or leave the airport and you may get allocated on the next available bus. Departure Pick up time confirmations are again one of the most important issue with the Kefalonia Airport Shuttle Bus transfers, you are required to call the local agent office number 1 day prior to your departure from Kefalonia to get your confirmed pick up time. They are set by the local offices 1 day before the departures. Not getting departure pick up time confirmation from the local office or us may result of a miss transfer.

Kefalonia Airport Transfers - HOW TO BOOK ?

Booking your Kefalonia Airport Transfers are very easy.

3 Main Steps.  1- Search  2- Select 3- Put your information and select payment type. All done in minutes.

Please click on our logo on top of this page to go to our home page and use the search box. You may start your journey either from Kefalonia Airport to your resort or from your resort to Kefalonia Airport. Select your Arrival date and time into Kefalonia Airport ( like shown on your flight booking ) and your departure date and flight take off time from Kefalonia Airport. Put the number of travellers in your group and click on SEARCH button. Our system will show you the available transfer types and the prices for your search. Easily select the transfer type you would like to book and follow the steps. Our system will show you if there are any Kefalonia Excursions available bookable and you may add those onto your booking to make your holiday more enjoyable. The last process is to fill your details and select your payment type and finalise your Kefalonia Airport Transfer Booking. Your voucher will be emailed to you.

Transfer Payment on Arrival in Kefalonia

You may pay for your Kefalonia Airport Transfers by your card at the time of the booking on our website or over the live chat line or phone or whatsapp. If you would like to pay cash on arrival at Kefalonia Airport, The only pay on arrival option in Kefalonia is in EUROS. Our system will show you the amount in euros on the page where you are asked to select your payment type.

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